Hello Test World!

Hello all to this new testing Blog of Aaron Hodder, Brian Osman, Oliver Erlewein and Richard Robinson. Some of us have our own testing blogs but the thought here is that, since we think along the same lines and together seem to pack more testing-punch, it is natural for us to meld our minds into one blog. Our hope it is that you will be the main beneficiary of this and we can help you reflect and learn new things as you progress in your testing career and the profession in general.

You will also see our twitter streams at the bottom and rhs of this blog so follow us to stay on top of things.

Since STANZ 2011 is on next week in Wellington we’re rushing a bit to get this blog out the door and start reflecting on what’s happening in the scene. So please check back regularly to see new stuff.


3 thoughts on “Hello Test World!

  1. Best of luck on the new blog,
    This is a welcomed direction (a “community” blog), saving us readers the need to follow many sites each with low traffic – as a reader having to follow several hundred of seperate blogs is quite an annoyance (and of course we don’t want to miss any good article by the great minds behind these hundreds of blogs).
    I hope you will be adding this blog to one of the more active RSS aggregators in the field of testing (The ones I know of are: SQA Planet, and STC), so we will be getting this as part of the stream.
    As a community we still lack a central place to have more discussions based on the blog posts – for some reason, blogs themselves don’t seem to be very inviting for others to join in further discussions, else how can we explain the absence of such?
    Thank you very much for the interesting reading material, and fresh thoughts.

  2. It would be nice if we could use our google identity, to post here too.
    As was available in Aaron’s TestKiwi blog.

  3. @Kobi:
    As for Google I’ll look into it but Aarons blog was a different tech. RSS aggregators…I’ll look at that too.

    As for aggregating blogs that was our intention. We might add more people at some stage.

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