Rex Black on how to recognise a CDT tester [Updated]

We’re often in a spot, where we have to interview testers for a position. We also get interviewed ourselves. So as someone who considers himself aligning to CDT, how do you recognise who you have in an interview?

Over the years I’ve developed my own style and it gets me usable results but Rex Black and Michael Bolton have put it so nicely into this FaceBook post I really can’t resist posting it here. It makes the point so well I couldn’t possibly add anything more to it.

So if you ever wondered who you are or what a CDT tester interview looks like…

 FaceBook link:

[Updated on 6/1/2014]

RBCS  Inc   Let me illustrate my point about irrelevant interview...

[Previous Image before update]

At this point the post is new so there will hopefully be lots more discussion.

Author: Oliver Erlewein

5 thoughts on “Rex Black on how to recognise a CDT tester [Updated]

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  3. Awesome example, thanks for reposting this. It sort of sums up why critical thinking is necessary in everything we do. Could you imagine if you hired the attorney in Rex’s example? I much preferred the skilled attorney in Michaels!

  4. Excellent example, thanks for reposting this. If I was Rex Black I’d fire the attorney he used and hire the one Michael used – Michael’s attorney seemed to have better critical thinking skills. lol

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