CITCON Auckland 2014

So, CITCON Auckland ( is over and what a blast it was!

What I really like about this conference is, that there is such a diversity of people coming to it. It is not the usual siloed Dev/Test/BA/… type conference but attendees come from all over. That means the know-how is totally diverse, as are the topics. And these were the topics (click on the pic to get the full res version): CITCON_AKL_Program


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Fun, IT and Quality

A couple of days ago I had one of my epiphanies. (I’m not a genius so something probably just dawned on me ;-))

The question in my mind was “Why do we keep on producing such cr*p software that people just don’t like to use?“. I need to caveat that a little as I solely focus on bespoke development for larger organisations here.

There’s lots of rational reasons why this happens. Examples are:

  • Overly aggressive timelines
  • No well-defined quality criteria
  • Poorly understood requirements/no understanding of solution
  • Bad SDLC
  • Politics
  • People
  • Budget

But there’s one that I actually never thought of listing….. FUN.

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